Sterilization and pasteurization
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Food sterilization and pasteurization controls, calculation of sterilization and pasteurization values

  • waterproof temperature datalogger
  • Thermotrack PC for Thermo Button datalogger
A complete and easy-to-use solution for your sterilization controls :
  • Validation of sterilization cycles
  • Calculation of sterilization value
  • Pasteurizer Value Calculation
  • Product core temperature control
A precise solution for product core temperature control :
  • Miniature waterproof temperature datalogger iBee 22T
  • Thermotrack PC software with automatic calculation of the sterilizing and pasteurizing value
You want to monitor the temperature of sterilization and/or pasteurization ?

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Waterproof temperature datalogger for autoclave

The iBee 22T is the ideal waterproof temperature datalogger for your sterilization and pasteurization controls :

  • The iBee is fully waterproof and pressure resistant, thanks to its coating of food grade silicone.
  • Small in size, you can place it in the middle of the product for perfect sterilization control.

iBee 22T Technical Specifications

  • Temperature range : 0/125°C
  • Accuracy : ±0.5°C
  • Resolution : 0.1°C
  • Size of memory/readings : 4196 points
  • Sample rate : 1 s to 273 h
  • Battery life span : 30 to 50 sterilization cycles*

* One sterilization cycle = start at 25°C, rise and hold at 121°C for 15 minutes and return to 25°C, for a total duration of about 90 minutes.

Calculate the sterilization value and the pasteurization value with Thermotrack PC

The Thermotrack PC software allows you to read your iBees directly on your PC and : 

  • To obtain temperature graphs.
  • Calculate the sterilization value.
  • To calculate the pasteurization value.
  • To consult the list of the exceedances of thresholds.
  • Automatically archive your data on your PC or server.
  • Export the data to Excel or PDF.

Discover our different packaged offers for the follow-up of your sterilizations

We offer different solutions, depending on the number of dataloggers you need :

If you only need one iBee 22T


Need : You only need one temperature datalogger for the product core control of your autoclave and you want to monitor your sterilizing and pasteurizing values on your PC.
Contents of the pack :
1 datalogger iBee 22T, a software Thermotrack PC solo as well as a connection clamp for reading.

If you need more iBee 22T dataloggers

You can buy iBee by unit and complete with :


Contents of the pack : Thermotrack PC Cinco software and a connection clamp for iBee.
It allows you to use a maximum of 5 iBees.


Contents of the pack : Thermotrack PC Pro software and a connection clamp for iBee.
It allows to use an unlimited number of iBees.

iBees Calibration :

We carry out, if you wish, the calibration of your iBees, either with certificates linked to international standards or ISO 17025 certificates.



How do I check my sterilization schedule ?

In a HACCP approach, the control of the sterilization schedules established for your products is important to ensure that undesirable microorganisms have been destroyed.

The use of a waterproof temperature datalogger such as the iBee makes it possible to check at each production batch or periodically that the established time/temperature couple has been respected.

How to calculate the sterilization value ?

The sterilization value indicates the degree of efficiency of the heat treatment of a food. It is based on the destruction of the spores of Clostridium botulinum, the most resistant to heat.
The higher the temperature and the longer the time is maintained, the higher the sterilization value.
The sterilization value is expressed as the equivalent of the time spent at 121.1°C to obtain a destruction of the Clostridium botulinum spore.

calcul valeur stérilisatrice et valeur pasteurisatrice

The formula is often difficult to grasp. This is why the Thermotrack PC software integrates the automatic calculation of the sterilization value and the pasteurization value. The T and Z can also be customized.

Why are the sterilization schedules different ?

Depending on the food, the recipes used and the type and volume of the can or jar, the heat penetration will be different. Therefore, a different sterilization schedule must be established for each product and each container.

We control the cooking processes of our products in our different factories with Thermo Buttons dataloggers, either with capsule or iBee (waterproof temperature logger).
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