Thermotrack PC Software
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Thermotrack PC Software. Read and program Thermo Buttons, Hygro Buttons & iBees Dataloggers on a PC

  • Thermotrack PC for Thermo Button datalogger
  • Thermotrack PC Temperature Data Logger software for PC
  • Thermotrack PC Temperature graph with electronic Data Logger
  • PDF report Data Logger PDF report with temperature graph

Thermotrack PC software combines ease of use and all your information, whether you’re using Thermo Buttons, Hygro Buttons or iBees. Everything is done to facilitate your temperature controls, program your Data Loggers, read them and give you all the keys to check temperature or humidity with a single click.

Plug the Button on the reader and get the graph in one click, also the list of temperatures, humidity, the list of excursions and much more.

Quick Reading
  • One-click graph with mouse zooming
  • Mini, Maxi, Average, MKT
  • List of temperatures, list of threshold exceedances
  • Automatic printing of the graph
  • Save on PC or server
  • Export to Excel or PDF
Simplified programming
  • Choose the sample rate and resolution
  • Select high and low alarm thresholds with time delay
  • Start now or set a start delay
  • Identify Button with fidge name, vehicle ID...
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Thermotrack PC has functions to make you save precious time

  • Automatic printing of the graph when reading a Data Logger
  • Automatic sending of the graph in PDF by email when alarm thresholds are exceeded
  • Automatic data backup on PC, on Server
  • Create folders and subfolders for archives
  • Export to Excel
  • Automatic exports for third party software (ERP, Lims…)
  • Import Downloads made with Thermotrack Mobile on your smartphone
  • Typical mission profiles with predetermined settings
  • Automatic restart of Thermo buttons
  • CFR21 part 11 compliant

Easy and accurate settings with Thermotrack PC

In just a few seconds, mission your Data Loggers and set :

  • Sample rate (How often will it measure  temperature or humidity)
  • Datalogger’s internal clock by synchronizing it to your PC’s clock.
  • Countdown (up to 45 days start delay)
  • Thresholds for both temperature and humidity with delay (avoid short excursions)
  • Enter an internal ID (Fridge number, Product or lot #, Vehicle…)

Thermotrack PC can also add a reminder to your Outlook calendar, so you don’t forget to download your Button is due time

Thermotrack PC software work with the following temperature and humidity data loggers

  • Thermo Button

    Mini Temperature Data Logger for cold chain monitoring

  • Hygro Button

    Humidity and Temperature datalogger, mini Hygro Button

  • iBees

    Miniature and waterproof Temperature data logger

Functions :
  • Email dispatch
  • Excel
  • Graph
  • Hygro Button
  • Thermo Button
Works with :
  • PC
  • Thermotrack Mobile
  • Downloads
  • Software
  • Updates

V 8.0.20180328 – Date 28/03/2018

  • Compatibility with Thermo Button 25L
  • Improved database management
  • Addition of the search engine
  • Addition of the Expert module
  • Reorganization of the personalization menu
  • Addition of the MKT
  • Improved curve overlay, also supports hygro-buttons
  • Possibility to mission the buttons in series

V 7.0.20160701 – Date 01/07/2016

  • Name change (Mapping Module) : “Indication error” replaced by “Deviation/Temp Air”

V 7.0.20140612 – Date 12/06/2014

  • Possibility to display temperatures in Fahrenheit

V 7.0.20130919 – Date 19/09/2013

  • Adding climatic mapping module with Hygro Buttons
  • Adding Hygro Button calibration
  • Modification of the linear calibration of the Buttons. Corrections are now extended beyond the calibration points.

V 7.0.20130710 – Date 10/07/2013

  • Adding the precise period selection in the graphic
  • Recording possible as an extract

V 7.0.20130304 – Date 04/03/2013

  • Improved detection of the version of Java installed.
  • Improved installation on Vista and 7 with UAC installed.
  • Fixed issues related to the absence of MSVCR100.dll
  • Improved user rights management : all files that can be modified by users are now stored in a directory accessible without rights (Temp Tech, Temporary files)

 V 7.0.20121116 – Date 16/11/2012

  • Correction of the mission restart, mission stop of the Hygro Buttons
  • Correction of Thermo and Hygro Button reinitialization (no mission restart)

 V 7.0.20120625 – Date 25/06/2012

  • New functions
    • Automatic printing of the curve at the time of closing
    • Automatic sending of the curve by email if the temperature has been exceeded
    • Automatic creation of a temperature text file for use in another software program
  • Improvement of the personalization screen
  • Improved archive management to avoid file corruption
  • Changing the location of curve models to facilitate the creation of new databases

 V 7.0.20120312 – Date 12/03/2012

Modification of the Thermostatic Enclosure Qualification Module

  • Adding Excel export of the data set
  • Change in the presentation of uncertainty calculations
  • Integration of uncertainties in the calculation of homogeneity and maximum stability
  • Correction of the bug displaying certificate numbers and sensor positions in the report

V 7.0.20110501 – Date 01/05/2011

  • Compatibility with Windows 7 and Vista
  • Compatibility with 64-bit computers
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