Real-time data loggers

Real-time connected data loggers : how to choose ?

Our real-time connected data loggers are designed to meet the requirements of professionals looking for reliable, precise solutions for monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2 and other environmental parameters. Our connected devices guarantee optimal monitoring, with real-time alerts and immediate access to data, essential in critical sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food and logistics. Explore our solutions to improve the quality and compliance of your operations.

What is a real-time data logger ?

A real-time data logger is an electronic device that automatically records, stores and transmits data to monitoring software. Temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure or other parameters are used.

Real-time data loggers can be used to monitor refrigerators, cold rooms, laboratory equipment and warehouses, sending alarms if limits are exceeded. They are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and pharmaceutical warehouses.

How does a real-time data logger work ?

A real-time connected data logger uses, for example, a wireless connection, the Ethernet network or the NB-IoT network to transmit its data to the monitoring software.

Depending on the model, they can be battery- or mains-powered.

FoxNet, Ivy and Pixie data loggers feature an internal memory to store data when the device is not connected.

Depending on the model and the probes connected, they can measure temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure and many other parameters.

What are the connection technologies and their advantages ?

Different types of connection can be used to connect your data loggers :

Is a real-time data logger right for me ?

There are various models of real-time data logger, with different functionalities and operating modes. Likewise, there are also stand-alone data loggers that can be adapted to your needs. So it’s important to consider :

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How do I choose the right real-time data logger ?

There are many different types of real-time data logger. Are you unsure whether to choose a real-time or stand-alone data logger ? To make the best choice, it’s important to take into account :

We use Thermotrack Webserve of Plug and Track to control our refrigerated warehouses. We have installed the system in 14 plants across the country. The monitoring system is very effective. It enables a remote control of our cold chain.
Testimonial - Danone Morocco

Plug and Track real-time data loggers

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