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Thermo Button

Mini Temperature Data Logger for cold chain monitoring

Hygro Button

Humidity and Temperature datalogger, mini Hygro Button


Miniature and waterproof Temperature data logger

Sensor Net Connect

IP Temperature probes over Ethernet


Wireless Temperature and Humidity data logger


Wireless temperature data logger with WeePik insertion probe

Ivy Temp 2D

Connected Temperature data logger for 1 or 2 external probes

Ivy TH

Connected Temperature and Humidity data logger

Ivy TH-CO2-P

Connected CO2 Temperature Humidity data logger

Digital Temperature Probes

Digital Temperature Sensors

PT100 temperature sensors

PT100 Temperature sensors, Ref. ZA0093 and ZA0080

Thermotrack Webserve Cloud Monitoring

Remote temperature monitoring systems for Wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth sensors

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Our sensors and dataloggers measure temperature, humidity, but also CO2, pressure and many other parameters. We offer different solutions to connect them. Wireless radio, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Our software is user-friendly, easy to install and use. We are at your disposal to advise you on the system best suited to your needs.

They chose Plug and Track

Our temperature data loggers and connected sensors are used by famous organisations of the food industry, healthcare, research and industry worldwide.

  • Airbus
  • Essilor
  • KFC client Plug and Track
  • Lactalis client Plug and Track
  • Croix-Rouge Belgique client Plug and Track
  • APHP client Plug and Track