Casa Tarradellas

Casa Tarradellas

Casa Tarradellas, founded in 1976, is a leader in the Spanish food industry. The company has a turnover of 1 billion Euros and employs nearly 2000 people.

The company produces quality food that is quick to prepare, such as pizzas, sandwiches, hams and pâtés.

Our quality system meets the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards and guarantees food safety and the quality of our products.

We control the cooking processes of our products in our different factories with Thermo Buttons dataloggers, either with capsule or iBee (waterproof temperature logger). We also use Thermo Buttons 22T for the calibration of our autoclaves.

The Thermo Buttons are easy to use and the Thermotrack PC software gives us all the information we need quickly.
The biggest advantage of the Thermo Button is its small size, which allows us to place it at the heart of our smallest or thinnest products such as quiches and pâtés.

It’s hard to find products that are so resistant and reliable at high temperatures. We have been relying on Plug and Track products since 2014 and are fully satisfied with them.

Berta Baraldés
Quality Technician
Casa Tarradellas