Stand-alone data loggers

Stand-alone data loggers : how to choose the right product ?

Which stand-alone temperature data loggers should I choose ? How do they work ? What models are available ?

Welcome to our range of stand-alone Temperature Data Loggers. Our temperature data loggers offer precision and reliability for a variety of applications, from the pharmaceutical and food industries to medical and industrial environments. With the Thermo Button and Hygro Button miniature data loggers, the iBee autoclave waterproof data logger and the Weepik with insertion probe, we can meet all your temperature and humidity measurement needs, even under the most demanding conditions. Discover the ideal solution to guarantee the quality and safety of your products and processes.

What is a stand-alone data logger ?

A stand-alone data logger is an electronic device that records environmental data without the need for a permanent connection to a computer or any network (Wi-Fi, mobile data, etc.).

These stand-alone data loggers are very useful in a wide range of fields : temperature control, humidity control in the agri-food industry, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, scientific research, cold chain logistics and so on.

How does a stand-alone data logger work ?

A stand-alone data logger operates on its own.

It has a sensor (temperature, humidity), an internal battery and an internal clock. The sensor can be internal or external, with an insertion probe for example. PC or smartphone software is used for programming and reading data.

What are the advantages of a stand-alone data logger ?

Is a stand-alone data logger right for me ?

Are you considering whether to go for a stand-alone data logger or one with real-time connectivity ? The choice depends on your specific needs. To help you make up your mind, it’s important to consider the following points :

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How do I choose the right stand-alone data logger ?

To choose the right stand-alone data logger, you need to consider the following points :

For us, the Thermo Bouton is the ideal instrument, thanks to its reliable metrological characteristics...
Testimonial - French Blood Establishment (EFS)

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