Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature
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Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature datalogger for monitoring refrigerated trucks

  • Enregistreur de température Bluetooth Pixie Temp
  • Puck holder pour enregistreur de température Bluetooth Pixie Temp
  • Puck holder pour enregistreur de température Bluetooth Pixie Temp

The Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature datalogger allows you to track the temperature and geolocation of your refrigerated trucks in connection with our GPS tracker and Thermotrack Webserve.

Our Thermotrack Webserve monitoring platform gives you access to your temperature graphs and alerts by sms, email and notifications on PC and smartphone in case of exceeding thresholds.

We can also take care of the calibration of your temperature dataloggers.

The Pixie Temp datalogger allows you to :
  • To easily follow the cold chain of a refrigerated vehicle
  • Adapt to many environments
  • To have a waterproof and solid temperature datalogger
  • To have a coverage of 500 meters in free field around the datalogger
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Technical specifications

Pixie Temp
Communication Bluetooth up to 500 meters (free field)
Temperature range -40/+85°C
Accuracy ± 0.5°C
Battery life span Up to 5 years
Memory 4000 points
Case Waterproof IP 68
Dimensions and weight  Diameter 57 mm – Height 20 mm – 41 grams
Compliance EN 12830
Mounting In your refrigerated compartment : with adhesive or screw-on mounting bracket

Mounting system for Bluetooth temperature datalogger

The Bluetooth temperature datalogger holder provides you with a durable mounting system, even in case of strong vibrations during transport, or during shocks. 

Each Bluetooth temperature datalogger ordered comes with its own mounting system that can be screwed in, placed with a clamp or glued with a strong adhesive.

Technical specifications :

  • Diameter : 63 mm base
  • Height : 12,7 mm
  • Weight : 20 grams

Thermotrack Webserve : consult your temperature graphs in real time

Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature dataloggers are fully compatible with our Thermotrack Webserve real-time monitoring platform.

Thermotrack Webserve allows you to : 

  • To know the temperature in real time of the refrigerated vehicles.
  • Track the position of refrigerated vehicles by coupling the Pixie time datalogger to our GPS tracker.
  • To consult the temperature graphs of your vehicles.
  • To receive alarms in case of temperatures that are not in conformity.
  • Manage different user accounts and their access rights.

Bluetooth temperature datalogger : compliance with EN 12830 and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Temperature dataloggers according to EN 12830

Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature dataloggers comply with the EN 12830 standard, which clearly defines all the functionalities and technical requirements for temperature monitoring of food products.

The reliability of Pixie Temp allows you to guarantee the integrity of the cold chain during all phases of transport or storage.

Bluetooth Low Energy

The Pixie Temp temperature dataloggers use Bluetooth Low Energy technology, also known as Bluetooth Smart or BLE, which reduces power consumption. The Pixie Temp consumes little energy, which considerably extends the battery life. In addition, the Bluetooth Low Energy technology ensures a fast transfer of temperature data.