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Wireless temperature data logger with WeePik insertion probe

  • Enregistreur de température avec sonde à piquer WeePik
  • Enregistreur de température sans fil WeePik

The WeePik datalogger with insertion probe is ideal for HACCP monitoring of the core temperature of food, for cooking, cooling, sterilisation or pasteurisation.

Thanks to its insertion probe, you can measure core temperature and check temperature compliance during your production cycles.

Programming, reading and calculation of F zero is made easy with Thermotrack PC software.


Application of the WeePik temperature logger with insertion probe
  • Core temperature control during cooking
  • Core temperature control during cooling / chilling
  • Temperature monitoring during sterilization and/or pasteurization
  • Temperature control in autoclave and/or oven
  • Temperature control for deep-freezing
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WeePik applications
  • Why use a temperature datalogger with an insertion probe?

    Controlling the critical points defined by Food safety regulation and complying with General Food Law, are essential in the food industry and catering.

    Food cooking

    By monitoring the core temperature of your food, you can check that your production batches comply with your recipes.
    You can be sure that established standards are being respected.

    Rapid chilling of food

    With WeePik, you can check that the temperature is lowered quickly enough to reach the target temperature in due time (from 63°C to at least 10°C in less than 2 hours).

    Re-heating food

    With WeePik, you can validate that the temperature rises above 63°C in less than an hour in commercial kitchens and cold storage facilities.

    Sterilisation and pasteurisation of food

    To validate your sterilisation or pasteurisation processes or for routine checks, WeePik and its insertion probe can be used to check that the target temperature has been reached and maintained for the time required.

    • In terms of quality : monitoring heat treatment in the various cooking processes guarantees the taste, appearance and texture of your finished food product. It also ensures the preservation of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, trace elements, etc.), which require the right temperature to avoid being destroyed during the heat-up or cooling phase.
    • In terms of food safety : monitoring core temperature helps you to avoid the profiling of pathogenic bacteria by complying with the temperature standards in force in your field of activity. It also enables you to check that the cold chain is respected throughout the supply chain.
    • Regulatory : to guarantee product safety and to be able to justify compliance with all production and storage temperatures.

WeePik temperature data logger technical specifications :

  • Temperature: 0°C to 125°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.125°C
  • Memory: 92,000 measurements
  • Sticking probe : Stainless steel for food contact
  • Dimensions of insertion probe : Length 140 mm, diameter 5 mm
  • Head dimensions: H. 32mm, D. 27 mm
  • Battery: interchangeable battery
  • Protection rating: IP68 (waterproof)
  • Order code: ALP0028

Reading of a WEEPIK data logger

Programming and reading of the WeePik data logger is done via the USB reader connected to your PC.

WeeTag data loggers are compatible withThermotrack PC software.

Simply place the Weekpik in the center of the reader  and the information is automatically transferred to your Thermotrack PC software.

Reading and programming of WeePik with Thermotrack PC software

Thermotrack PC provides you with temperature lists and curves, as well as information on critical limit violations.

Features :

  • Temperature graphs
  • Minimum, maximum and average temperatures
  • List of temperatures, list of threshold exceedances
  • Calculation of sterilizing and pasteurizing values (F Zero)
  • Automatic graph printing
  • Automatic archiving on PC or server
  • Excel and PDF export

The WeePik temperature data logger works with Thermotrack PC

  • Thermotrack PC Software

    Thermotrack PC Software. Read and program Thermo Buttons, Hygro Buttons & iBees Dataloggers on a PC

Features :
  • Process control
  • Sensor
  • Temperature