PT100 temperature sensors
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PT100 Temperature sensors, Ref. ZA0093 and ZA0080

PT100 temperature sensors -80°C Ultra Low Freezers

Our PT100 temperature sensors are designed for extreme temperatures, with a measuring range from -200°C to +250°C.

Two standard models, with flat cable for easy passage through door seals, or with round cable.

On request, PT100 temperature probes can be supplied with a calibration certificate to guarantee their accuracy.

  • -80°C Ultra Low Freezers
  • Liquid nitrogen tanks -196°C
  • Furnaces
  • Autoclaves
Common features
  • PT100 Class A
  • Accuracy ± 0.1°C at O°C
  • 4-wire technology (greater stability)
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Technical specifications of PT100 sensors

ZA0093 ZA0080
Cable type Thickness 0,9 mm RoundØ 6mm
Applications -80°C freezers
Liquid nitrogen tanks.
Measurement range  -200/+250°C -200/+250°C
Precision ±0.1°C à 0°C ±0.1°C à 0°C
Resolution  0.1 0.1
Length 2 meters 2 meters
PT100 class A A
Number of wires 4 4
  • PT100 flat cable probe, Ref ZA0093

    The ZA0093 PT100 probe is recommended for -80 degree freezers and nitrogen tanks. It has a flat 0.9mm-thick cable for easy passage through the door seal.te.

  • PT100 probe, round cable, Ref ZA0080

    The ZA0080 PT100 probe is perfect for industrial applications, autoclaves, ovens, etc…

    Its 6 mm diameter round PTFE cable makes it extremely resistant.

  • Other PT100 probes on request

    We also offer PT100 probes to meet your specific requirements: insertion probes, angled probes, length on request… Please consult us.

Using PT100 temperature probes

Our PT100 probes are designed to work with our FoxNet wireless temperature loggers, or with Sensor Net Connect for temperature over IP.

  • FoxNet

    Wireless Temperature and Humidity data logger

  • Sensor Net Connect

    IP Temperature probes over Ethernet