Ivy TH
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Connected Temperature and Humidity data logger

  • Enregistreur humidité température NB iot Ivy TH

Our Connected Temperature and Humidity data logger monitors and protects your warehouses and offices with ease. Using NB IoT transmission  Ivy connects automatically to the thermotrack cloud without the need of local computer network, giving you continuous monitoring.
Thanks to its two built-in sensors, Ivy sends you alerts by email, SMS or notification when limits are exceeded.

Ivy TH Connected Temperature and Humidity data logger applications :

  • Ensure temperature and humidity control in warehouses.
  • Monitor temperature and humidity in offices.
  • Monitor greenhouse temperature and humidity.
  • Monitor temperature and humidity in museums.
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  • Benefit from an instant solution with no IT installation required. Temperature and humidity readings are transferred directly to the cloud, without the need for configuration on your network. The Ivy logger is equipped with an integrated SIM card that enables temperature data to be sent via the NB-IoT network.

    With Thermotrack Webserve, you can remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of the areas you need to monitor. If temperature thresholds are exceeded, you’ll receive immediate alerts by e-mail or SMS on your smartphone. 

Ivy TH Connected Temperature and Humidity data logger features:

  • Internal sensors
  • Replaceable long-life battery
  • Up to 2 years service life
  • Elegant design

Advantages :

  • Easy to use thanks to NB-IoT technology
  • Remote monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Regulatory compliance

In less than 5 minutes, you can start monitoring humidity and temperature by following these steps:

  1. Secure your logger with the supplied magnet.
  2. Switch on the logger.
  3. Log in to
  4. That’s all !
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