French Blood Service

French Blood Service

French Blood Service : For us, the Thermo Button is the ideal instrument.

We use Thermo Buttons for more than ten years to ensure the traceability of the conservation of blood bags and other labile products during all phases of transport as well as in hospital deposits.

Labile blood products (blood, plasma, platelets …) are valuable and temperature sensitive products. We must ensure their continued preservation and temperature traceability until the transfusion to the patients.

The Thermo Buttons allow us to validate our methods and means of packaging, thus controlling the good conditions of transport of blood products from the EFS sites to the hospital depots.

Securing the cold chain conservation has allowed us to establish the periodic renewal (half-life expiration) of the stock in the hospital depots, thus avoiding the destruction of non-transfused products, while providing the highest quality products to the patients.

For us, the Thermo Button is the ideal instrument for the reliability of metrological characteristics (accuracy, reproducibility, calibration, drift… ). Its size and ruggedness ensure a fast response time and measurements that are representative of the true conservation conditions of the product.

In addition, we are very satisfied with the software part, its user friendly interface, its development in close cooperation with users and continuous maintenance (hot line) since its launch, which enabled rapid and continuous adoption by the users.

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