Mapping module Thermotrack PC
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Temperature mappings made easily with Thermotrack PC

  • On site thermal mapping based on NFX15-140, FD X15140 and EN 600683-5 standards
  • On site thermal mapping based on NFX15-140, FD X15140 and EN 600683-5 standards
  • On site thermal mapping based on NFX15-140, FD X15140 and EN 600683-5 standards

Temperature Mapping for lab equipment and pharmaceutical warehouses

Preparation for qualification

Doing a Thermal mapping is essential for laboratory equipment (refrigerators, freezers, cold room, incubators) and also warehouses when storing drugs.

Thermal Mapping is the method of validating that Laboratory equipment Refrigerators, freezers, incubators) or pharmaceutical warehouse will maintain the required temperature range when in operation.

The Thermal mapping module for Thermotrack PC is a turnkey solution to make your Thermal verifications using Thermo Buttons 22L temperature dataloggers (up to 50 per mapping) by providing a detailed report, showing temperatures all over the piece of equipment, stability, homogeneity.

The temperature mapping module automatically compares all data loggers and shows
  • Superimposition of all graphs
  • Min and max temperature of each datalogger
  • Average temperature
  • Homogeneity of the environment
  • Stability of the environment
  • Maximum stability
  • Setpoint deviation
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Assessment of conformity and test report
  • The conformity assessment

    The conformity assessment is based on the average of each datalogger and its expanded uncertainty. Each of the recorders must therefore fall within the bounds defined by the MPEs of the enclosure. The module proposes a response automatically, but it is possible to modify the judgement or to declare the enclosure partially compliant.

The test report

The test report states :

  • The graph of each temperature recorder.
  • The superimposition of curves.
  • The compliance graph per recorder.
  • The connection references of the dataloggers, their uncertainties.
  • The final assessment.
  • The comments.

The report is fully customizable. It can be merged into Word. It can also be converted as is to Acrobat PDF format and all qualifications are saved in the Thermotrack database. It is therefore possible to retrieve the results at any time.