Temperature monitoring in analysis laboratories

Laboratory temperature control


Temperature controls in analysis laboratories

Temperature controls for Analysis Laboratories are of paramount importance. In medical biology, food microbiology or water control, it is a data to be closely monitored.

In preanalysis, it must be ensured that the transport of samples is carried out in compliance with the “temperature specified in the manual for the collection of primary samples”, as laid down in standard NF EN ISO 15189 (medical biology laboratories) or standard ISO 17025 (calibration and testing laboratories).

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On site mapping and good metrology practices

An on site mapping allows to check the homogeneity and temperature stability of refrigerators, freezers or ovens. According to the standard FDX 15-140 or the CEI 60068-3-5 mapping is done in 9 or 15 points depending on the volume to be characterized. It must be done when the equipment is put into service and at each major repair.

Also, the temperature of these refrigerators, freezers and laboratory ovens should be monitored regularly. Setting up an alarm system when thresholds are exceeded is essential to ensure continuous monitoring.

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Partner of many private, public and hospital laboratories, we offer products adapted to your needs :

For sample transport, the Thermo Bouton 22L : small and robust, it is the ideal tool for temperature measurement in insulated boxes. Often placed by our customers in an empty sample vial, it stays as close as possible to the samples. The Thermotrack PC software allows in 2 clicks to print the curve on receipt and to keep the reading in its secured database.

The same temperature recorders are used for on site mapping. Thermotrack PC has an on site mapping module that automates the calculation of homogeneity, stability and uncertainty calculations. It gives a judgement of conformity on the equipment to be characterized (example of refrigerator mapping report).

For the monitoring of your refrigerators, freezers or ovens, we provide temperature sensors, humidity sensors, CO2 sensors, delivered with 17025 accredited calibration certificates. We also offer several communication technologies : wireless (FoxNet), Wi-Fi or Ethernet (Sensor Net Connect).

Our cloud platform Thermotrack Webserve collects data, warns you in case of alarm by SMS, Email or Siren on PC. It meets your security requirements (administrator and user access, inviolability) and traceability requirements (event log).

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Our systems are easy to install. We assist you from start to finish to implement the solution you have chosen. With us, technical support is free and unlimited. We help you make the best use of hardware and software to adapt it to your own needs. Our promise is to help you save time.

We know the requirements of the standards in force. Our software is designed in compliance with the accreditation of your laboratory. If you wish, we can assist you in the validation process through Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) tests.

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