Sensor Net Connect, Ethernet or Wi-Fi
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Ethernet and Wi-Fi sensors for monitoring of temperature, humidity over IP

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet Temperature monitoring system
  • Ethernet and Wifi monitoring system for temperature and humidity

Temperature sensors on Ethernet or Wi-Fi.  Sensor Net connect connects to your IP network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It has 3 ports for external sensors, measuring also humidity, light, pressure, CO2 and 4.20 mA sensors.

Install your Sensor Net Connect in a minute. It will sensors data and transfer data to Thermotrack Webserve on the cloud or Thermoscan IP on PC. You can then remotely monitor your fridges, freezers, incubators and much more.

Functions :
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Wi-Fi connection or RJ45 Ethernet cable
  • Easy connection for up to 3 sensors
  • Wide range of Sensors (temperature, humidity...)
Available Sensors :
  • Temperature sensors, digital and PT100 (RTD)
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Pressure
  • Light
  • Analog 4.20 mA sensors
  • Biotechnology - RD
  • Food Industry
  • Health and Pharma
  • Restaurants - Catering
Do you have a real-time monitoring and alarm project ?

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IP temperature sensors with Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Digital sensors

  • From -50 to +90°C ±0.5°C digital sensor with flat cable for easy mounting through a refrigerator door gasket.
  • From -55/+125°C ±0.5°C with stronger round cable.
  • From -55/+125°C ±0.5°C with adhesive aluminium plate for easy mounting on water pipes.

RTD sensors (PT100)

  • From -200/+250°C
  • With flat cable for -80°C freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks.
  • With with round cable for industrial use.
  • Any other compatible 3 or 4 wire PT100 or RTD

Temperature and  Humidity sensors on Ethernet or Wi-Fi

  • Temperature -30/+85°C ±0.5°C.
  • Relative humidity 0/100%, ±5% from 20 to 80%.

Other sensors

  • Atmospheric pressure probe 300/1100 hPa.
  • Light sensor 0/65535 Lux.
  • CO2, pressure, differential pressure and any sensor with 4.20 mA output.
  • Door opening sensor.

Sensor Net Connect specifications

  • Connection : 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet or 802.11g/WiFi
  • Network connection : HTTP, HTTP Post, SNMP, SNMP Traps, TCP Socket, Multicast, DHCP
  • Number of sensor ports : 3
  • Dimensions : 85.27 x 139.7 x 31.75mm
  • Weight : 200 grams
  • Power supply : 5V

How can I monitor my Ethernet and Wi-Fi sensors ?

We offer software that allow you to monitor temperature, humidity or other parameters of your installations. Either on the Cloud for remote monitoring using Thermotrack Webserve or on a PC without Internet with Thermoscan IP.

Sensor Net Connect can also be integrated in server rooms monitoring systems. It provides XML data or uses SNMP protocol.

If you’re looking for Wireless temperature sensors, you might also consider our FoxNet dataloggers.

  • Thermotrack Webserve Cloud Monitoring

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  • Thermoscan IP

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  • FoxNet Wireless Data Logger

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