Fresh and frozen food transportation need temperature controls

Transport of fresh and frozen food products


How to record the temperature during transport ?

The transport of fresh or frozen products, fruit and vegetables is an important aspect in a quality or HACCP approach. Indeed, the risks are significant : load breaks, quayside passages, waiting on the tarmacs. The more stakeholders there are in the chain, the more necessary it becomes to control the temperature.

All refrigerated vehicles have a temperature recording system. However, retrieving the history is sometimes complicated. It is even more complicated in sea or air container transport.

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Which temperature data logger for the transport of my goods ?

The Thermo Button is the ideal datalogger for monitoring the temperature during the transport of fresh and frozen food products. It is robust and small and can easily be placed in a vehicle, container or pallet. With a measuring range from -40 to +85°C, it covers the transport of fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat, and fresh and frozen processed products. Reusable, with a battery life of up to 10 years, it is therefore a very economical means.

We offer different software to program and read the Thermo Buttons :

  • Thermotrack PC for reading and programming on a PC. It allows you to retrieve a graph in 2 clicks and to archive all data on your computer.
  • Thermotrack Online, web application. Allows easy sharing of data between different senders and recipients.

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We know how to listen to you and analyse your needs in order to offer you the hardware and software best suited to your requirements. Our free and unlimited technical support helps you to choose the right settings for your Thermo Button and Thermotrack software. Our promise is to save you time.

In addition, our Thermo Buttons are also certified for transport. They are :

  • Compliant with EN 12830 (temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive goods).
  • Authorised by IATA for air transport (even during operation) : the small quantity of lithium in the battery allows transport in aircraft (Exempted Goods – UN3481, Lithium Ion Batteries/Cells – PI967 Section II).
  • Complies with RTCA DO-160G requirements (use in aircraft).

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