Eclosia Group – KFC : a satisfied customer for 10 years!

Eclosia Group – KFC : a satisfied customer for 10 years!

For 10 years now, Plug and Track temperature monitoring solutions have been accompanying Pick’n’Eat, a company of the Eclosia Group, in its 27 KFC franchised restaurants. Caroline Bulabois, Head of Quality Assurance, testifies about the benefits of our solutions and the quality of our technical support !

Eclosia Group Plug and Track client KFC Plug and Track client

Since 2011 we have been using Plug & Track products in our 27 KFC restaurants located in Mauritius and Madagascar. Each restaurant has a negative cold room and two positive cold rooms with small capacities. It is important for us to monitor the temperature of the equipment in each restaurant remotely, and to check the trend of the temperature curves. This trend allows us to take preventive actions and in some cases, to avoid breakdowns.

It is essential that each restaurant complies with the cold chain. With the online monitoring platform Thermotrack Webserve I can check the temperature of all our equipment remotely. I receive an alert by email or on my cell phone if there is any temperature excursion. I also receive a PDF report every morning by email : I can therefore make sure that there has been no break in the cold chain. In addition, each restaurant manager has access to the platform to monitor the temperature of their cold rooms.

During the first installation we were accompanied by Plug & Track’s technical support. We were then able to install the sensors in all other restaurants ourselves. Plug & Track’s technical support is free and responsive ! It is a real guarantee for us to have a system that has been working every day for 10 years.

Pick’n’Eat, a company of the Eclosia Group, is a KFC franchisee and currently owns 27 restaurants.

Caroline Bulabois
Head of Quality Assurance