Transport and storage of labile blood products

Transport conservation température produits sanguins labiles


Temperature control of labile blood products

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Blood products : what you need to know

The storage and transport temperature of blood bags and blood products is an important factor to control. Storage ranges and shelf life depend on the products. For example, the French Blood Establishment (EFS) indicates on its website :

  • Red Blood Cell Concentrates : +2/+6°C for 42 days.
  • Platelet Concentrates : +20/+24°C for 7 days.
  • Plasma : -25°C for 1 year.

The conservation ranges are therefore narrow. In addition, the circuit of a blood bag from the donor to the recipient is complex. It passes through processing centres, storage centres. It is then distributed to the hospital to be administered to the patient.

It is therefore important to properly control the transport temperature of blood bags, refrigerators, freezers, agitators and water baths.

Our temperature monitoring offer for blood products

Thermo Bouton 22L are used for transport between sampling sites and separation or storage sites. Indeed, the storage range is narrow (only 4°C). A temperature recorder with high accuracy is therefore required.

The Thermo Button also allows the control of the temperature of the blood deposit refrigerators. For vital emergency stocks, the EFS supplies the hospital with blood bags with a Thermo Button. The hospital returns the unused bags to the EFS, which checks that the temperature has been correctly respected.

In storage centres, an automated monitoring system is preferred. It allows alarms to be sent by SMS or e-mail in the event of temperature overruns. We offer temperature sensors with wireless connection (FoxNet), Ethernet or Wi-Fi (Sensor Net Connect). They are connected to our internet platform Thermotrack Webserve for remote monitoring.

Our added value : long-terme support

Our experience with transfusion services in France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and Africa guarantees a perfect understanding of your needs.

We offer free and unlimited technical support. Even several years after your purchase, we are here to answer all your questions about the use of our recorders, sensors and software.

Of course, we also provide an annual calibration service for sensors and temperature recorders. The temperature control of your blood products must remain compliant year after year.

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