Temperature alarm for server rooms
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Temperature monitoring and alarm for server rooms

Alarme de température pour salles serveurs

Monitor the temperature of your computer rooms with our IP-based sensors. Connect the sensor to an Ethernet box and monitor the temperature from our Thermotrack Webserve application with alarms by email or SMS or integrate the data in SNMP on your own monitoring system.

How does our temperature alarm solution for server rooms work ?
  • Temperature sensor -50/+90°C accuracy ±0.5°C
  • Connection to Ethernet box Sensor Net Connect
  • Web application with email and SMS alarms
  • SNMP, HTTP, HTTP Post protocols for your applications
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Monitor the temperature of your server room via Ethernet or Wi-Fi

With the Sensor Net Connect plug in your sensor to IP, connect 1 to 3 sensors via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Sensor Net Connect Standard Protocols

  • HTTP, HTTP Post
  • SNMP, SNMP Traps
  • TCP Socket
  • Multicast
  • DHCP

Temperature sensor for server rooms

Our digital temperature sensor ZA0078 is fully adapted to the temperature control of server rooms : 

  • Temperature range : -50/+90°C
  • Accuracy/Resolution : ± 0.5°C/0.1°C
  • Length : 2 meters
  • Extension cables : 3/10/25 meters
  • Connexion to Sensor Net Connect : RJ12 socket
  • Type : flat cable

Other available sensors : Temperature and Humidity, Dry Contact, 4.20 mA

Follow the temperature of your server room on the web with Thermotrack Webserve

With Thermotrack Webserve web platform you can : 

  • Define your temperature alarm thresholds.
  • Receive your alerts by SMS, email, pop-up on PC.
  • Define multiple users.
  • Consult the temperature graphs from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Test Thermotrack Webserve live

Go to and log in with the following login and password : demo

Integrate the temperature sensor in SNMP on your applications

If you have an existing monitoring solution, you can integrate the data from the temperature sensors using the SNMP protocol. We provide the MIB.

You can also integrate data in XML using HTTP or POST HTTP protocols.

In this case, you do not need our Thermotrack Webserve application.