Plug and Track choose DRI for application hosting

Plug and Track choose DRI for application hosting

At Plug and Track, for the hosting of Thermotrack-Webserve and Thermotrack-Online temperature monitoring applications, we trust DRI since 2009.

DRI hébergement web

Why do we host our Plug and Track applications with DRI ?

DRI provides high availability hosting for our web applications. It hosts our servers in its Data Centers in France and offers us a total management of our machines. Its experts are involved in all the important aspects : 99.9% server availability, daily backups on remote sites, direct connections to French operators. Security and access protection is also ensured by DRI, which monitors and intervenes 24/7 to protect our applications and your data.

24/24H management of Plug and Track servers

DRI’s specialists monitor our servers to ensure maximum availability. We have a guaranteed response time to requests, a 1-hour SLA and a 4-hour Recovery Time Guarantee (RTT). Our servers are permanently monitored and updated. If necessary, an expert intervenes for us and implements the necessary actions.

Advanced server monitoring for Plug and Track

DRI’s monitoring solutions allow to follow the status of the infrastructure from several national and international strategic points.
Together with its partners and subsidiaries, DRI has positioned probes, monitoring and supervision tools, which monitor in real time these hot spots to ensure the availability and performance of our applications.

Advanced security for your data and applications

Cyber security is a DRI priority. As such, the new protection system ensures the availability and quality of service of web environments for all users. DRI provides advanced protection against Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks based on two essential and indispensable components :

  • A filter that distinguishes and cleans legitimate traffic from malicious traffic to your web environments.
  • A mitigation system that redirects the attack and its traffic to a black hole.

The objective is to maintain the availability and performance of our applications throughout the duration of the attack

DRI, a green and committed company

DRI has made the choice since its launch to seek to limit its environmental impact and this corresponds perfectly to the culture and commitments of Plug and Track.

The Datagrex Data Center, for example, does not use air conditioning but advanced technology such as Adiabatic and an operation in 25 and 28 ° C to reduce energy consumption(if you also want to know what is adiabatic).

The choice of less energy consuming servers, the almost systematic remote work to limit travel, the use of recycled paper, everything participates in this green commitment !