Room temperature monitoring
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Pixie Mesh : the easy solution to control the temperature of your premises remotely

  • Plateforme de surveillance de température à distance
  • Réseau Pixie Mesh contrôle de température à distance
  • Capteur température Mesh Bluetooth

You are a real estate, office or hotel manager and you want to control the temperature of the premises.

You want to combine occupant comfort and energy savings, making sure you heat when you need to, where you need to, and just right.

Pixie Mesh is the ideal solution that will allow you to monitor the temperature of your premises remotely. You will be able to :
  • Check that the temperature is appropriate in all spaces
  • Guarantee optimal thermal comfort for occupants
  • Save energy
  • Respect the regulations regarding the temperature of the premises
  • React quickly if your minimum/maximum thresholds are exceeded
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Remote temperature monitoring of premises/offices : how does it work?

The Pixie Mesh T wireless temperature data loggers measure the ambient temperature and send the temperatures to the Pixie Mesh gateway connected to your network.

All the data loggers repeat themselves to each other to connect to the gateway and thus create a “mesh” network.

A single platform to control the temperature of all your premises/offices

The data are sent to You can control all your premises from your PC or smartphone and receive alerts by email or SMS when the minimum or maximum values you have set are exceeded.

You can create dashboards and give access to the occupants for consultation.

Remote temperature monitoring of your premises : the 4 essential products

1. The Pixie Mesh temperature data logger – Ref EI0006

Small, robust, the Pixie Mesh temperature data logger can be glued or fixed to the wall thanks to the support provided.

  • Temperature range : -40/+85°C
  • Resolution : 0,1°C
  • Accuracy : 0.5°C
  • Battery : 5 years (long duration)
  • Waterproof : IP 68
  • Dimensions : diameter 57 mm, thickness 20 mm
  • Technology : Bluetooth Low power

2. The Pixie Mesh bluetooth relay – Ref EI0007

The essential wireless relay to facilitate the mesh connection between the Pixie Mesh T data loggers and the Pixie Mesh gateway.

  • Technology : Bluetooth Low power
  • Power supply : 5 years (on battery)
  • Operating temperature : -40°C to +85°C
  • Dimension : 119.2mm x 51.2mm x 24mm
  • Weight : 122g

3. The Pixie Mesh gateway – Ref EI0008

Easy to install, it connects directly to your computer network.

  • Connection : ethernet TCP/IP
  • Memory : 1GB DDR3 | 8GB eMMC
  • Storage : micro SD
  • Power supply : sector
  • Dimension : 120 x 80 x 30 mm

4. The Thermotrack-Webserve cloud platform

Thermotrack Webserve allows you to remotely monitor the temperature of each room/office with a data logger. All your information is centralized in one place.


  • Real time monitoring
  • Alarms by email, SMS, siren
  • Accessible from your PC, smartphone, tablet
  • Access to temperature history
  • Calibration

    Temperature and humidity calibration of your dataloggers and sensors

  • On site Thermal Mapping

    We carry out, on site, your thermal mapping in compliance with NF X15140 and FD X440 standards

  • Software development

    Specific developments, unique functions : our engineers are at your service

Optimal temperature monitoring and much more :
  • Archive
  • Date and Time
  • E-mail alarm
  • Email dispatch
  • Graph
  • SMS alarm
  • Wireless
Keep track of your temperatures easily on :
  • PC
  • Smartphone