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Food Time and Temperature control during Cooking, Cooling and Reheating

  • time and temperature control for food processing
  • time and temperature cooling control
  • Time and temperature cooking control

Time and temperature control during cooking, cooling and reheating for better food safety

Thermobuzz is a temperature datalogger with external sensor especially made for easy control of core temperature during cooking, cooling, reheating of food.

Its buzzer and warning LED warn you as soon as the targeted temperature or time is reached. The LCD display shows you the temperature at any time during the process.

Data is recorded on the ThermoBuzz memory and is transferred to a PC via USB stick so you can check graphs and keep track of all data

Main functions :
  • Core temperature monitoring with insertion probe
  • Alarm buzzer and high visibility LED as soon as the set temperature or time is reached
  • Data archiving and traceability on supplied software
Avantages :
  • Time saving, faster cycles
  • Enhanced food safety
  • Guaranteed HACCP
  • Easy to use
  • Energy savings
  • Biotechnology - RD
  • Food Industry
  • Health and Pharma
  • Restaurants - Catering
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ThermoBuzz datalogger

Display 2-lines LCD. Immediate temperature
LED 2 high visibility LEDs
Alarm Buzzer 100 bB, adjustable volume
Memory 3000 measurements (depending on parameters)
Dimension 145 x 89 x24 mm
Power supply External 12V

Temperature Sensors

Types PT100 sensors (RTDs)
Temperature range -200 /+850°C
Accuracy Up to ±0.1°C
Presentation Angled (insertion probe), straight, depending on application


Cooking time and temperature controls

In traditional or low temperature cooking , the ThermoBuzz is the tool for food safety. As soon as the targeted time and temperature is reached, you are immediately warned by the Buzzer and the green or red LED.

In case of low temperature cooking, you can set a low thresholds so you get an alarm if that minimum temperature is not kept

Cooling time and temperature controls

Cooling food must be achieved in less that 2 hours at 10°C (Europe) or 6 hours in the USA (41°F)

Using Thermbuzz, you can control that you reach the target temperature in due time.
As soon as temperature is reached, the buzzer will warn you, so you can stop the process and save time and energy.

See the US Department of Agriculture recommended two stages cooling

Reheating time and temperature control

Once again, time is critical, as you need to reach 63°C in less than 1 hour (Europe). ThermoBuzz will warn you as soon as you reach 63°C (Green light) or if you don”‘t reach it before one hours (Red light)

Other food precess controls

ThermoBuzz also works in sterilization (ex : 121.1°C for 15 minutes), it also serves as a timer, temperature display, recorder for a cold room, etc.

All parameters are customizable : temperature to be reached, time allowed, minimum or maximum temperature holding time, etc.

ThermoBuzz Software

ThermoBuzz software saves data on your PC and creates graphs for later analysis and documentation. Data can be printed, exported to Excel, kept on you PC.

It also helps you in programming the Thermobuzz. All cycle settings (time and temperature targets) can be set on the PC and transferred to the ThermoBuzz using a USB key.

Functions :
  • Alarm
  • Archive
  • Process control
Works with :
  • PC