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Digitalize the temperature sheets of your fridges or freezers in your restaurant

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  • Ajouter un restaurant ThermoDuty replaces your restaurant’s refrigerator and freezer temperature sheets with an app on Android or iPhone. ThermoDuty makes the daily work of monitoring temperatures easier.

Digitize the daily temperature reports in your restaurant :
  • Read the temperature of your fridges with your phone.
  • Save time, secure HACCP.
  • Receive a notification if you forget.
  • No more paper sheets and binders.
  • Archive your data on the cloud for 2 years.

ThermoDuty : the simplified temperature controls for your restaurant

You must report the temperature of your restaurant’s refrigerators and freezers every day and keep your data in case of an HACCP inspection.

ThermoDuty replaces your paper temperature sheets with an app on Android and iPhone. You can check the temperature of your fridges in 2 minutes with your phone.

Scan your restaurant’s QR code to see a list of your fridges and freezers. All you have to do is enter the temperature displayed on each equipment on your phone.

Your reports are automatically archived and kept online for 2 years and you can rest assured in case of a health inspection.

Never forget a temperature report again with ThermoDuty

If you forget, you receive a notification on your phone or that of your colleagues (chefs, cooks, team members).

A reminder tells you that it’s time to check the temperature of your refrigerators, cold rooms or freezers.

Have a complete history in case of a health inspection

All temperature reports are kept on your account for 2 years.

You follow the evolution of the temperature with the graphs.

In the event of an inspection by the health authorities, you have everything at hand to prove that your reports are taken every day.

Create your free account

Go to to create your free account in 2 minutes and enjoy all the benefits of Thermoduty for 2 weeks.

From 15€/month or 150€/year, Thermoduty is much cheaper and easier than any other Health Control Plan application.